This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.
— 1 John 5:14



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When we find ourselves in the midst of the trenches and struggling through difficult situations, it can be hard to realize just how many people are surrounding us, ready connect, empathize and pray with us.

Please join with us, as the ONSEL Community, as we pray together for the requests below.


Oct 15: I have a potential job opportunity that will allow more work/family balance. It would allow me to work remotely from home and still remain with a company that would still be a part of my current retirement system, as well as be a much needed pay increase.  { Crishana }

Oct 15: Our family still has some debt from our last two adoptions.  A grant we were expecting came through but was much lower than we originally were told due to some cuts.  We still owe over $1800 and it is due next month.  Please pray for provision and for this debt to be paid in full by next month.  { Crishana }

Oct 14: We just transferred my last snowflake embryo and it wasn't as good of a quality as we had hoped, but I know God can work miracles. Please pray for our miracle! {anonymous}

Sept 20: Transfer of last 2 embryos will happen in about a week! Along with that, my grandma has days to live and I'm hosting a double baby shower and 1st birthday party. Pray that I'm not stressed and that God will provide and be with my family through all of these situations. { Sarah }

Sept 16: Please keep me and my twins in your prayers. We are blessed to be pregnant (7 weeks) after trying for 12 years. We have had a sub chorionic hemorrhage bleed bad twice. The twins have been unaffected, thank God, please pray for it to resolve with no more bleeding and the twins continue to be healthy and develop on time. {Charmin C}

Sept 16: After 20+ surgeries for me and a vasectomy reversal for my husband, we were so excited to be pregnant in June 2015. The pregnancy was going well. I unexpectedly lost my Dad in October 2015. We were very close so it was very difficult for me. On January 24th, I went to the doctor not feeling well at all and was told Hudson no longer had a heart beat. After 24 hours of labor we held our beautiful son for a few hours before saying goodbye. Pray for me as I am struggling with the loss of both my son and Dad. Pray for me as I struggle with questioning how God could take the two most important things in my life. And pray as we are trying again and would love to have another child of God's design. {Chelsea R} 

Sept 16: I would like to ask for prayer that my pregnancy continues to go smoothly and that I have a healthy baby I will actually get to bring home. Pray God continues to heal the hearts of my son, husband and myself from the loss of my baby boy two years ago. {Courtney T.}

Sept 16: Experienced a miscarriage this week. {Tracee}

Sept 15: Heaven just gained our 4th angel. We're currently praying about getting pregnant again. {Joy U.}

Sept 3: After having tubal ligation reversed in 2015, I miscarried at 6.5 weeks. Since then I have been diagnosed with secondary infertility in March 2016 and have been undergoing fertility treatments. With my second round, I did get pregnant, but last week they discovered a possible ectopic pregnancy and I ended up having emergency surgery Tuesday. I lost another baby and the right tube is damaged. I'm thankful to be here, but broken and scared. I'm asking for prayers for quick healing, restored reproductive health, mental strength, emotional support and for a precious baby. Praying with you for us all. {Shannon M.}

Aug 31: We have had our foster daughter for over a year and she is leaving us and returning to her birth mom in a couple weeks. We would appreciate prayers of peace for our broken hearts during this time and safety for our little one as she transitions to a new environment. Thanks! {Libby W.}

Aug 30: Please pray for my family. Pray for God's will to be clear to all involved. {Anonymous}

Aug 30: I am stuck at the moment trying to decide if I want to proceed with artificial insemination. My heart desires so strongly to become a mother but after past experiences I have a very hard time allowing myself to ever hope. So can you please pray that I can move forward without fear of the future and allow myself to hope in the Lord that He may grant the desires of my heart. {Anonymous}

Aug 30: I am asking for everyone to pray for my upcoming FET cycle. This will be my fifth transfer, three of which have been early losses/chemical. I am also asking God for the strength to keep going, to keep fighting, for the healthy baby I know is meant to be my husband and I's. Thank you! {Stefania C.}