Sometimes, when God has big plans for your life, He is gracious enough to bless you with a friendship to chase after those plans with. His goodness flows down through a God-given friendship to join hands with as we dive head first into discovering His plans for our lives and to encourage one another as we grow in our faith. That is exactly the kind of friendship that has developed between us. We were once friends and co-workers as engineers, living our overly planned, Type-A lives. But as we both entered parallel journeys into infertility and began discovering the plans God had for each of our lives, we each began to feel the nudge of a new passion welling up within us. A passion to tell our stories of God's goodness and faithfulness in order that others may be encouraged and see their faith strengthened. After lots of prayer, coffee and laughs about the engineers becoming writers, the blog "Our Not So Engineered Life" was born.

We thank you for getting to know each of us and invite you into our lives... to our stories of infertility, IVF and adoption, motherhood and of how we are continuing to discover God's goodness with all the laughs, tears and challenges life can bring. We hope and pray to be a blessing and a voice of encouragement to you.


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