How many times do we try to make Christianity way more complicated than it has to be?  The simple truth is that to live a life for Jesus only requires two basic things: To love Him more than anything else of this world, and to love others.  Simple right?  Then why do we make it so hard?  In a world where "busy" is a buzzword and seems to be a sign of accomplishment, we want to make Christianity the same way. Do more. Checklist more.  When if we would just focus on the heart of God - loving Christ and loving others - then life would be so much more fulfilling, the world would be more peaceful, and we wouldn't be spinning our wheels and all our energy with being "busy."  Let's make a promise today.  Let's focus on Him and others, and let's see how much less frazzled we feel.  When we put into practice His two greatest commands - which are very simple -  everything else will fall into place.

God, I pray that you give us peace in knowing that a fulfilled life can only come you and your word.