When You Don't Know What To Say

Infertility can feel so alone. Whether you are the couple fighting to conceive, the patient sitting alone in a sterile room, or a friend or family member trying hard to know how to support your loved ones, it's hard to know what to say when hope and heartbreak are so very real. That's why we are beyond excited to introduce you to our friend Kristy, from TTC Greeting Cards! She has taken her own personal struggle to start a family with her husband and turned it into such a beautiful business of encouragement, humor and ways to strengthen relationships in your life while you journey through infertility. 

Through years of struggling with infertility, I realized there was a huge need for support specifically for couples trying to conceive. Often the people closest to us were struggling to find the “right” words to say, or even how to comfort us in some of our most devastating loses. Therefore, I decided to give them a little help, creating a line of greeting cards that specifically caters to the growing needs of couples trying to build a family. There are cards appropriate for all stages of the conception journey, including IVF treatments, IUI treatments, miscarriage, surrogacy, and of course congratulations cards for those whose treatment was a success! There are even cards for your doctors, nurses, and embryologists since I soon realized just how important those people become in your everyday life. My personal favorite, are the couples cards that were created with the hope of increasing communication between partners during what can sometimes be a difficult time of relating. TTC Greeting Cards now includes encouraging t-shirts, and our VERY popular “lucky socks” which keep your toes cozy while reminding you just how loved you are, during your appointments, after your embryo transfer, or on your two week wait. All of the cards are also available via “insta-print”, and can easily be printed from home within minutes. Our website includes a printable calendar for easy organization of medications, appointments, dosages, and lab results. TTC Greeting Cards offers a world of opportunity for loved ones to support their friends and family. My goal was to make it as accessible as possible, since no one deserves to go through this process unnoticed or discouraged. My hope is that TTC Greeting Cards continues to grow over the years and helps to provide some comfort to each of you via the mailbox!
— Kristy, TTC Greeting Cards

She has graciously offered our readers a 10% off coupon code (VIP10) to be used on either her website (www.ttcgreetingcards.com) or her Etsy shop (TTCGreetingCards)  for two months (good through Nov 15, 2016). She has so many cards, printables, calendars (to keep up with all those ridiculous injection, medication and appointment schedules), and lucky socks to keep your toes warm and your heart feeling loved when you're sitting in cold exam rooms! Below are just a few of my favorites. She has so many amazing items!

I sincerely hope you will look through her store and keep her in mind. Whether you and your spouse are trying for a baby, you want to thank your medical staff for helping you find your miracle, or you want to support a friend or family member through a difficult time, I have no doubt you'll find the perfect words to say in Kristy's collection. Don't forget to use coupon code VIP10 through November 15, 2016!

Knowing how to be a friend when infertility strikes can seem overwhelming, but Kristy makes it easy. As someone who went through several rounds of IVF myself, I can assure you, some of these cards would have really turned some very dark days bright. 

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