Through the Valley

Courtney and I have been sharing a lot lately on a very prevalent theme - trials and how you find joy in them.  That's because they are all around us.  People everyday are hurting.  We come in contact with many who are grieving not only with the pain of infertility but many other circumstances where life has thrown them agiant curve ball. They are looking for stories from others to KNOW that they too will make it to the other side with joy in their hearts.  They need to see how God has carried someone else through.  We have amazing friends with amazing stories of how God has brought them out of the depths of some dark valleys.  And while many of these may triggered by infertility, that doesn't mean that it can't apply to you.  Look beyond that.  Think about your own trial (past, present, or yes there will be a future).  Or think about that friend or family member that is needing some words of encouragement but you don't really know what to say.  People just want to know they aren't alone.  That they aren't the only ones struggling.  And as many examples of that as we can share, we believe that God will use them to bring peace and joy to at least one who desperately needs it right now.  

Today I'm so happy to share my friend, Trina's, recent blog post "Through the Valley." 

The last couple of years we have seen our share of some dark valleys. Dark places that would make anyone say “I give up!” I give up on religion, I give up the faith, I give it all up! We are good people (at least I feel like we are). We help others without asking for anything in return, we tithe our 10%, we encourage the fallen among us, we strive to be a living example of Gods love but yet we face so much heartache. Why does this happen? Better yet....what did we ever do to deserve this? (Ever feel like this? Can I get and Amen!???)
— Trina

 Without hesitation I could say A-MEN to that! You feel like you've done everything "right" and by the book, yet been dealt a cart of rotten apples.  That's why I hope you will hop right over to Trina's Blog, Let GO & Let GOD!, to read more.  You won't be sorry.   

Thank you Trina for being a dear friend and for also allowing us to share your very real emotions that so many of us experience. We pray God will continue to bless you and your family and are so thankful He has brought you Through the Valley!

Much love, Jenny and Courtney

My names Katrina (yes like the hurricane) but you can call me Trina.  I guess you could say my journey to blogging stems from my battle with infertility. After a lot of heartache, negative tests after negative tests and fertility appointment after fertility appointment with no answers to only lead me to let go and let GOD; I found blogging it out makes the load a little less heavy on my heart. This is my story. This is my journey of discovery to let go of the ways that I thought I would become a mother, let go of the heartache, the anger, the sadness and bitterness and put my trust in God to lead me to motherhood His way.  I wont claim that this blog will be all sunshine and flowers because lets face it; life isn't always fair or nice but I do pray that through my struggles you can see hope in a desperate place, grace in trying times and a love like no other from a miraculous God who is helping lead an imperfectly perfect mess like me.