For This Child We Prayed: Hope

One of the many wonderful things that I love about adoption is the community that surrounds it.  Since our own adoption I've been blessed to get to know many wonderful people and make new friends through shared hopes, dreams, and experiences.  In each situation, I've watched God's mighty hands at work.  Adoption brings about true modern day miracles and is a perfect example of God's love for His children and how He has adopted us all into HIS family.  One of the many journeys that I have watched unfold and prayed over is The Pilcher Family.  Though we all live in the same town, we really did not know one another until we were brought together through adoption.  I wanted to share Katie Pilcher's blog with you today.  It is their story of "Hope" and is yet another example of God's mighty power.  Like myself, Katie loves to share how God has worked in their lives.  And it can happen for us all - we just need faith, obedience, and love.  Click the link below to read her beautiful story.

Bellamia A Children's Shop: Hope