Small Is What Matters Most

Small is what matters most... Whether you're talking about marriage, motherhood, or friendships, it's not the big, grand gestures that make the most impact.  It's the small, day-in and day-out, moments of time that truly shape each relationship.  It's the smile your husband gives you as he walks in the door at the end of the day.  It's the kiss on a knee of your toddler that magically heals the pain. Or the beautiful work of art, known as scribbling, that adorns your refrigerator because you're just as proud as your child is of their masterpiece. It's the text message or phone call from a best friend who just wanted to say she hopes you have a good day.  Making the most of every small chance to laugh and giggle, learn something new, wipe a tear away, snuggle and say I love you - those are really the big things that matter most.  It's a big pile of all those small things that add up to the beauty of life and love. 

Small is what I'm learning to live by...  dream big, absolutely! But you can't reach those big dreams without taking each and every one of the small steps in between.  Motherhood is teaching me that more than anything else has so far in my life.  How am I going to raise a beautiful, smart, self-confident child that will be successful in this big scary world?  Only by deciding what we're going to do for the next ten minutes, and the next ones after that, and the next after that.  While some days may seem endless and others fly by all too fast, it's all the small things in between that add up to the big dream.