The Power of Prayer & the Blessings that Follow {Laura's Story}

Today we are sharing another one of our Grateful for Infertility submissions by Laura. Her beautiful story will leave you in tears, as have many others that we have shared.  After an unexplained diagnosis of infertility from her doctor, she and her husband asked for prayers of healing.  And we all know what the power of prayer can do.  Two weeks later, Laura found out she was pregnant.  What better way to share a happy ending to a painful journey. We are thrilled to learn that Laura and her husband Matt welcomed their blessing, Sunday, into the world right after Thanksgiving.  Please join us in welcoming our friend Laura to the blog today.  You won't want to miss her amazing story of faith and how the power of prayer has blessed their lives.

I am Laura and my husband is Matt. We met while we were both in the Marine Corps in 2006 while stationed on Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. We both deployed to Iraq together from Jan. 2007 to Feb. 2008. Upon returning home from war we got married on the ocean in North Myrtle Beach SC on April 5th 2008. In October of that year I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had surgery to remove it in November. It was our first bump in our marriage but we handled it wonderfully and I have been cancer free since! In February of 2010 we moved back to Indiana to start our lives.

We had been trying to conceive since we got married but didn’t put much thought into why it wasn’t working until 2012 when we saw a fertility specialist. After running several tests they came to the conclusion that it was unexplained. There was nothing medically wrong with Matt or myself, we just couldn’t conceive. From there we decided to try fertility drugs. They never worked. The entire time, Matt and I stayed in prayer and we kept hope, Matt more so than myself because he’s a dreamer and I’m a realist. While I’d talk about what to do when we’re old with no kids he’d be talking about how to afford all the kids we’ll one day have. He kept me from allowing infertility to consume me, he made me search for happiness and contentment- kids or no kids. In December (2013) we tried one more round of fertility drugs and found out in January of this year it failed again.. So we decided to take a break and just enjoy our lives and praise God for blessing us with each other. In March (2013) we had a healing service at our church. Where those that wanted healed would ask to be prayed for and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pray that whatever is keeping me from conceiving is healed. When our pastor asked for those to stand that wanted prayed for, I stood. I thought for sure he would just pray for all of us but no, he then said for those who want to pray for someone to stay seated and my heart sank. I was terrified to have to share my story to someone I didn’t know. I fought that fear and stayed standing. I then noticed Matt stayed seated and I thought perfect! He can pray for me! So he did and then my mom came over and prayed along with my best friend and a few more people. Everyone prayed out loud for my womb to be healed as I cried and hugged Matt. After the service I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Fast forward two weeks and I’m standing in Target debating on whether to buy a bottle of wine or a pregnancy test. I decided to buy both, ya know, just in case. I thought, if it’s negative like it always is, I’m going to have a glass of wine for once. I waited until the following morning to test and I finally got my first ever positive pregnancy test. The faintest line ever but it was there! I woke Matt up thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me, he could barely see it so naturally I took 5 more. All positive! We went to the doctor and my blood work came back positive as well. We then had an ultrasound at 6w and another at 8w and everything was progressing as it should. We also had our anatomy scan at 20w and found out that it’s a healthy baby girl! I am now 8 months and we have decided to name her Sunday Grace because of the healing service that Sunday, because it was God’s grace alone that allowed us to conceive, and because of Grace Gathering Church; where it all took place. 

There is so much power in prayer. More than I had ever realized but this is baby is proof. As out pastor told us, each day I am pregnant is God’s grace and we could not be more grateful!

We are grateful for infertility because it brought us closer together in ways I never thought possible. It allowed us to grow together spiritually and to show raw and real emotion with one another. Our faith has always been strong but now it's unbreakable and knowing that has made me ready to take on the world. Since becoming pregnant I have been asked to share our story with several different groups of people. One being the 3DM movement that's going on with churches all over the world. Recently at our church pastors and church leaders from all over the world came in for a conference and my pastor asked me to share our story them. I was scared because it was my first time sharing alone since my husband had to work but I did it and it was amazing. Dealing with infertility has allowed me to be more confident in myself. I started a local infertility support group with RESOLVE, the infertility organization. It's allowed me to help others deal with this and to be their shoulder when they need it. I get emails at all hours of the night from women in emotional crisis over this and I am able to talk them through it. I would not be where I am today is God didn't bless us and our marriage with infertility. Our sweet baby Sunday is due December 4th and we are so excited to meet her and see just what we waited six long years for. My husband and I both have red hair so we're excited to see what color Sunday's will be. Thank you for your time and thank you for allowing us to share our story with you!

We are excited to share with you a picture of sweet baby Sunday and the reveal of her hair color!

A series for people who are grateful for infertility? Sounds crazy right! But it's not... what was once a phase of life marked by heartache and longing, has now become the scars that make us beautiful. Some of you reading this are right in the middle of your wait, are facing an unclear future or have been scarred by infertility. You may be struggling with how you could possibly be grateful for infertility. It took us a long time to get there ourselves. This is one of those areas where sometimes our faith has to guide us while our hearts and heads catch up. We have to practice thankfulness, even when it makes little sense, while God does His divine work on our souls.