Who's the Teacher Here?

I knew a large part of motherhood was going to be spending the days teaching my little girl. Starting with how to eat and roll over and crawl all the way up through the school years until she has children of her own, I am committed to teaching, guiding, instructing her.  What I have been completely surprised by is just how much she has already taught me.  

While we're working on manners or learning letters and numbers, I am learning patience.  I'm learning that truly connecting with her when she's ready to learn a life skill is more important than anything on any to-do list could ever be.  

While we're learning about what it means to save our pennies in our piggy bank so we can buy a special treasure, I'm getting a good reminder of what it means to be frugal and smart with your money so that you don't have to miss out on those really big treasures.

While we're working on sharing, taking turns and not interrupting, or dealing with the ever-changing emotions of a toddler, I'm learning kindness and gentleness.  I'm learning that how I correct her behavior is a huge reflection of my own heart and behavior.  I'm learning that occasionally our inner two year old is still there throwing down right silly fits over nothing.  

While we're talking about what we want to be when we grow up, whether it's a "ballerina princess with a toolbox" or "doctor like Doc McStuffins" or whatever comes next, I'm learning hope in a whole new way.  I'm learning to dream with her about reaching her potential and achieving her dreams.

While we're reading Bible stories and learning to say the blessing and bedtime prayers, I'm learning about faith in a whole new way.  I'm learning just how much faith I have to have in order to raise her how God is calling me to raise her.  I'm learning that there is just so little I can do to teach her everything she needs to know, to keep her safe and protected, to instill the love of God in her.  There is so much of my faith that is being tested and strengthened every single day I have with her. 

While we're planning play dates and talking about new little friendships, I'm learning just how important true friendships are.  I'm learning how to be an encouraging, uplifting, supportive friend when the rough parenting moments happen.  When they happen to me, I'm learning that it is perfectly okay to rely on those few special people to get me through mine.  Plus it's always nice to have someone to share a cupcake with.

While we're living life to the fullest with this sweet little girl, I'm learning to love fiercely like I've never loved before.  To love in a way that would do anything to protect her but who wants her to take risks because that's where life is.  

She has taught me so much about love and laughter, being fearless and imaginative.  About how to stop caring what people think about you when there is fun to be had or a lesson to be learned.  She has taught me humbleness in a way I've never experienced before.  I can't wait to see what else she has to teach me.  I know I have so much more to learn.  Hopefully she's learning just as much along the way too!