#Momsrock {Friendships, Survival & Books}

Yesterday was the day motherhood is made of... the sweet, the nurturing, the snotty and everything in between. Motherhood celebrated in all its crazy aspects.

It was the day it seemed every child woke up feeling a little under the weather. The day mommies were needed the most. The day the whining reached epic proportions worthy, at times, of an Olympic sport. Oh my goodness at the whining. Yesterday was the day that summed up the absolute, utmost importance for mommy friends in all its glory.

I have just finished reading one of the best books I've read in a while that celebrates this very thing. Melanie Dale's Women Are Scary is a tribute to "momlationships" everywhere. You will laugh hysterically as she navigates you through great detail of finding and keeping your very closest tribe. Throughout her book, she proudly proclaims that we are intended to do this motherhood thing together. Together we make each other better... better moms, better wives, better friends, better women.

This is not a subject I take lightly. I, like many of my friends here, do not have any local family support to deal with the day-to-dayness of motherhood. We have to rely on each other heavily for all of the emergency contact and approved preschool pickup lists, soup runs when the family is sick, and the watch my child for a couple hours while I go do such and such type of things. My mommy friends are my local family and they are really, really good at it. Together we are raising these littles and loving {most of} it. So as yesterday happened, and I had just finished reading this book celebrating the beauty of mom friends, I found myself laughing throughout the entire day rather than being quite as stressed.

Yesterday's plan was turned up on it's head as I had every intention of devoting my morning to working on writing an upcoming speech. But then my little angel woke up not feeling well, so I needed to keep her home and let her rest. She has fallen victim to the fall cold that is making its way around lately. And she's three, so she's convinced that said common cold will kill her if I don't sit with her yet not touch her all day. So that's just what I did. I babied my baby yesterday and we had a wonderful day of snuggling (or not) depending on which way the wind was blowing at the moment. But a great day of lazy togetherness, which frankly doesn't happen nearly enough. We watched movies, ate popsicles, put together puzzles, rested and played doctor.

Yet that speech wasn't writing itself and I was getting more and more stressed as the day went on. Meanwhile, my friend's children have also fallen victim to this same killer cold that makes small child whining an Olympic sport. As I call my friend to check on her and how her little one is doing, we donned our part-time pediatrician hats and helped diagnose each other's child over the phone, asking all the crucial questions. You know the ones... fever, snot color, how does that cough sound. The ones you have to talk through because why oh why isn't there just a little pop-up button that comes installed on children so you know exactly when to warrant taking them to the doctor and risking what plagues may be lurking in the waiting room?!? Once the phone triage was complete, we rolled right into taking turns with the "you can do this" pep talk for the day. Okay, let's go be mommies... ready break.

Texts continue back and forth throughout the day as we try to remain sane with the whining and attempts to get the kids to eat and take medicine and genuine concern for our children and cheers for how many rooms actually got sprayed with disinfectant. Then the older children come home from school and the pep-talks begin again. This time its focused more on homework survival methods and trying to understand children's completely illogical behavior.

Yesterday was the day that the beauty of mommy friendships was completely summed up in a single phone call with a friend. In the midst of the nurse duties and speech writing, I received a pretty unexpected response that hurt pretty deep. As I text my friend to talk this out while sitting with a thermometer under my child's arm, she calls back. I answer the phone to hear her immediately say "Oh friend, I'm hugging you through the phone." And she was... I felt that over the phone hug so deeply. She encouraged me in a way only a good friend can, she made me laugh about the ridiculousness of others, and then I cheered her on as she oh so lovingly called to her oldest child "if you don't stop doing that dance in the middle of the front yard, I'm going to "whip your nay nay"!" We laughed hysterically and then went back to being mommies... ready break.

There is so much beauty to be found in the simple moments of motherhood. There is so much joy in those shared experiences of those precious and fleeting moments with our littles. There is so much laughter hiding in the moments that test your sanity. To have those friends to cheer you on, to be proud of your child with you, to save your hide by picking your kiddo up when you just can't quite spread yourself in as many directions as necessary, to confirm you did the right thing when the tough decisions have to be made is priceless. Find your tribe and treat them like the royalty they are!

Yesterday was the pinnacle day of motherhood friendships that Melanie so wonderfully celebrates. Grab a copy of Women Are Scary this week and read it with a friend. These mommy friends are our God-given lifelines during such wonderfully demanding years with littles. Treasure each one of them. And those special friends that can make you laugh so hard you cry just by a perfectly timed text message to get you through a tough hour of the day or to laugh at the ridiculousness happening under their own roof too... hang on tight to them! They are worth more than rubies!