Molded by God's Intervention {A Husband's Perspective}

Y'all, this story just makes my heart swell. I am just thrilled to bring you the story of not only a really wonderful friend, but also a story of building a family from a husband's perspective. Jay and I have been friends since early in our college days in engineering school and it has been so touching to see the unique way in which his precious family has been molded. I love that he not only doesn't think of their family as "unlucky," but calls anyone that has to take a bit more creative route to start their family the "fortunate families." You'll have to read to see why... 

In 2009, we were living in Charlotte, NC. We had discussed having children and found out that it probably would not be happening for us. At least that is what a doctor told us.

Shortly thereafter, we were transferred to El Paso, Texas. We were not excited to say the least. At first glance, there doesn't appear to be much opportunity for life in that part of the country. This turned out to be ironic really. Our intent in going was to simply survive until we could leave. God had a different plan. 

Within a month, Katie had to set up her normal OBGYN appointment. As all ladies know, a conversation with this doctor will go from physical well being to desires of the heart in a matter of seconds. Dr. Chris Powers quickly sent us to Southwest Center for Reproductive Health and Dr. Luis Noble, who incidentally happens to be the #9 infertility doctor in the world. While we were there, he was also audited for having such high success numbers. He passed, easily. 

Throughout the next several months, we put our trust first in God and second in Dr. Noble and his excellent staff. We were extremely uneducated in the process of In-Vitro Fertilization. Through prayer as a family and prayer at Dr. Noble’s office, Gracyn was born on October 28, 2010. She is now 4 years old and truly is an absolute miracle each and every day. 

Currently, we are again in the process of growing our family. This particular time, we are taking the avenue of adoption. We truly believe that this time, we were called by God to do this. Adoption runs in our family. My sister and I are both adopted, so it could be said that God has been creating our family in very special ways for over 36 years. 

As it would appear, our family was molded by God in multiple ways. That isn't to say that the ‘normal’ way also wasn't created by God. Those families are also blessed. There are a lot of hardships with in-vitro fertilization and adoption. Hardships that from the surface could appear to deter a relationship with God. Fortunately, I have not found one family that has gone through either of these options and run away from the power of God. They are drawn closer in ways that are unimaginable unless you are one of the fortunate families. So, is it luck creating families? No way. It is inevitably, God’s intervention.

Jay currently resides in his home town of Madison, Mississippi and is currently a Project Manager for a small general contractor close to town. He enjoys hunting and especially fishing, especially when he gets to do both activities with his wife and daughter. Often these activities conflict with his first love, Alabama Football, but that's usually a good problem to have.

We started this More Than Luck series to share a variety of stories from others who at one time might have viewed themselves as the "unlucky." Like Jenny and myself, they didn't have the seamless transition they once hoped for into parenthood. But hindsight has afforded them the opportunity to see that the luck they once thought they were missing, was really the hand of God intervening in their life so that the timing and method in which their family started would be perfect for them. Instead of luck, we found God's presence in our lives, providing for us, comforting us, changing us, preparing the way for something that would redefine our definition of blessings.