Luck Doesn't Involve Love

I cannot tell you how excited I am to bring you Melinda's story as we wrap up our More Than Luck series! She is an absolutely amazing woman and the way she and her husband have so unselfishly opened up not only their hearts, but also their home to welcome in their birth mother is beyond inspiring. What an amazing and genuine example of unconditional love they are showing, not only their oldest child, their birth mother, but also to all those around them. Melinda, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such an inspiration to so many and for sharing your story with us. Our prayers are with your precious growing family and your sweet birth mother. 

Please join me in welcoming Melinda to ONSEL...

I don't believe in luck. I think things happen - good and bad - due to circumstance and to blessing. The story of how our family came to be is no exception.

Some have said we were "lucky." I usually say to them, "you don't know the entire story." We have had our fair share of failures, struggles, pain and catastrophe. But we have also had so many blessings along the way. Those blessings? They outweigh the pain every time.

If you have known me for a while, you probably know that Logan is the biological cousin of our third failed placement. If you haven't heard the story, here's a brief synopsis of how that happened and how this little nugget came to be in our arms.

We were to adopt a little boy two years before Logan was ever even thought about. We named him "Micah." His mother decided to parent him shortly before he was born. We are friends with the baby's father's grandmother and were visiting her house one day when they came over. I held Micah in my arms two weeks after his birth. It was probably one of the most beautiful and saddest days of my life.

We were still foster parents at the time. After five years of waiting for a placement through the system (and well over 300 inquiries on waiting children), we decided that this probably wasn't the best route for us. So, in 2011, we decided to pull out of foster care and look to some other way of adoption. Two weeks later, we received a phone call about a baby. It was Micah's uncle (and twin brother of his father). He said his girlfriend was pregnant after having a tubal ligation and they were as shocked as anyone. He asked if we would be interested in adopting this baby. Of course the answer was a resounding "YES!" from our side of the conversation.

So, if you are following along in this family tree... Logan's birth father is the twin brother of Micah's father. They are biological cousins of twins. And yes... it was after a tubal ligation. (Gasp!)

Personally, we don't believe Logan's birth mother became pregnant for us. We do believe, however, that the blessing came after the news of her pregnancy. She was looking for answers; she was praying about it. We were looking for a child; we were praying about it.

I've said time and time again that no prayer goes unanswered. It may not be the answer you were trying to hear. It may not be at the time you think you should receive it either. But nonetheless, they are always answered. The day we met Logan's birth mom it was clear that our blessing and our answered prayers were upon us.

When Logan was about six months old, we began putting out our information to reach as many people as possible so everyone would know we were adopting again. People called us crazy. Logan was so young. But because we knew how long this adoption process could take, we were starting quickly.

We had several "possibles" arise throughout the years. None of them were situations that we were eligible or felt comfortable with proceeding. Three and a half years went by before we received the phone call one night from my mother-in-law.

My friend is a preacher at Line Baptist and there is a girl who is a member of the congregation that is pregnant and is looking for a family. His wife thought of you and Melinda right away because she knew you were trying to adopt again.

There was a young woman looking for answers. God sent her our way. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. We met LeAnne at a local restaurant and talked for three hours. We only talked about the baby for maybe ten minutes during that meeting. We were getting to know each other. She was still uncertain.

Now this sweet woman is living with us in our home as she is preparing for the birth of her daughter. I'm reminded each and every day of the power and love of our Heavenly Father. In our house, it's something that cannot go unnoticed.

I'm sure that the relationships between my kids and their birth moms will continue to grow and grow as will our relationship with each of them. God is so much bigger than what some consider being "luck." Luck doesn't involve love. And my friends... this? This has love written all over it.

Melinda resides in Demorest, Georgia and is wife to Corey and Mom to precious Logan. They are in the midst of the adoption process for their precious baby Ruby. She is an active member of the adoption community and is a huge advocate for open adoption.

We started this More Than Luck series to share a variety of stories from others who at one time might have viewed themselves as the "unlucky." Like Jenny and myself, they didn't have the seamless transition they once hoped for into parenthood. But hindsight has afforded them the opportunity to see that the luck they once thought they were missing, was really the hand of God intervening in their life so that the timing and method in which their family started would be perfect for them. Instead of luck, we found God's presence in our lives, providing for us, comforting us, changing us, preparing the way for something that would redefine our definition of blessings.