Our Life is Not a Lifetime Original Movie

So let's be honest here...how many of you have asked, been asked, or thought of this question - aren't you scared they will want them back?  Or do you think you will want them back one day?  Or even they know where you live???  In all honesty, I probably had this misconception too before we adopted and I was brainwashed by Lifetime movies.  It's amazing that I truly can't bear to watch a single Lifetime movie now.  When we met our birth mom, I never once doubted her motives or questioned that she may "want him back one day."  I didn't even doubt that the adoption wouldn't take place at all.  The moment she walked in the room and I looked into her eyes I just knew.  God sent her to us, and us to her - all because we each love one little boy more than he will ever know.  Our relationship began immediately.  I can't count the number of times I've been asked, or it's been suggested, if she will want him back one day.  Or the number of times that she's been asked if she will want him back later.  NO, and NO.  Without a single doubt in my mind NO is the answer to both of those questions.

Being a part of the adoption community has been an amazing blessing for me. No situation is identical, and we all learn and grow from one another with a common goal to educate others about adoption and especially open adoption. I've made some of my best friends that I've never met through this community. A friend of mine, Melissa, recently wrote about how our adoptions are not made-for-TV movies. I fell in love with her post and knew right away I had to share it. Her words sum it up perfectly. 

We are reality, and while people might not be on the edge of their seats the way they might be watching stories about stealing children or seeking vengeance, audiences might shed a few tears over the beauty and sacrifice that actually is adoption. Our stories aren’t based on ratings. They’re based on the most important audience of all: our kids.
— Melissa

Click on Our Adoptions are Not Made-For-TV Movies to read Melissa's full post.  It's eye opening and sadly how so many view adoption relationships. 

Please join us in welcoming Melissa Giarrosso to Our Not So Engineered Life.

Thank you Melissa for allowing us to share your post.  We are so thankful to both be a part of many groups, learning and growing with amazing people like yourself.  Infertility has turned our pain into our greatest blessings as well.  We wish you the best and look forward to working alongside you more. 

Love, Jenny and Courtney

Melissa is Staff Storyteller at Adoption.com is a mom to two amazing kids through open adoption and has found a home within the adoption community, constantly challenging herself to learn and grow from others. She believes infertility has turned out to be a blessing and a privilege because of the children, birth families, and friends who have enriched her life so much. She lives in a suburb of Memphis, TN with her modern-day husband (he cooks, cleans, and does midnight feedings!), a charming 4-year-old son and a sassy 9-month-old daughter. Her goal is to pay it forward within the adoption community through equal parts friendship and education.