It's Not About Me

I don’t consider myself a “writer.” In fact, I’ve never really liked to write.  My degree is in engineering.  I’m wired to think in terms of numbers, formulas, and laws of physics.  Engineers aren’t even supposed to know how to spell correctly!  (Well, I have an exception for that because my friend Mandy, who is an engineer, is a master spelling bee champ of all champs). But after completely pouring myself into problem solving for over 10 years, I made a complete 180 and now am a stay at home wife and mom, and blogger.  Which I guess means I’m still a problem solver just with life issues.  Ok so maybe it wasn’t a complete 180.  I attempt to put together some words that feel like a jumbled mess in my head on paper so that it touches the lives of others.  

I write because it is what God laid upon my heart to do after many months of prayer.  I write to use my life, both the storms and rainbows that come after them, to share God’s glory.  I write to share topics that I feel He has put on my heart to talk about.  I have a running list of almost 20 things on my heart to share with you.  But I wait on God’s timing, His words, and His instruction.  It is all about Him.  If I say go before He is ready, then it serves no purpose.  Lives go unchanged and it all becomes about me.   

For me, writing is not about me at all.  I don’t write to draw attention to myself or to my family.  Nor in anyway suggest that we have it all together and figured out.  We are learning this thing called life as we go just like everyone else. 

There may be, and I’m sure will be, a time that God says it’s time to turn off the blog.  But in this season of life, this is where He has me.  Completely surrendered to what His purpose is for me- wife, mommy, friend, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, godmother, coffee addict….and writer. 

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
— Psalm 19:14