Is This a Joke?

For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.
— Habakkuk 1:5

The finality of those words from our doctors came crashing down on us – “it is unlikely that you will ever be able to conceive a child even with fertility treatments.”  Is this a joke?  We have done everything right so surely their assessment was wrong.  I mean, people give birth every day.  There are tons of children needing homes for crying out loud.  It was like a horrible April Fool’s Joke.  Except it was our reality.

We are not the only couple that has struggled through this diagnosis.  And there are many who find it hard to ever recover from it.  But God can take something so detrimental and turn it into something so beautiful.  What we failed to realize at that time is that maybe God wanted us to do more.  That He had something far greater in store for us that had we not received this diagnosis we would have missed out on the greatest blessing of our life. 

In December of 2010, we began the adoption process.  It was something God had placed on our hearts in the years prior to our dual infertility diagnosis.  He just ensured we actually followed through with that call.  And in December of 2010 our son was conceived.  Nine months later he was born.  Some call it coincidence.  We call it God’s perfect timing and plans.  While we were answering His call to something greater, a child was conceived in the womb of another young woman.  A woman who wasn’t prepared to be a mother but wanted to give that blessing to someone else.  He took the pain of two women and turned it into the greatest joy of our lives – our son. Beauty from ashes.

Today our son is 4 ½ years old and we cannot imagine growing our family any other way than adoption.  As I reflect back to that diagnosis, I realize just what a blessing it was.  Yes I still wonder what it may be like to carry a child in my womb, but that is only nine months compared to a lifetime of joy that our son brings us.  I would rather miss those nine months than the blessing of being his mother for the rest of his life any given day. 

If you are struggling with circumstances where you feel like it has to be a joke gone terribly wrong, just remember that maybe God is doing something bigger in your life.  Had He told me himself in that moment of despair what He was going to do in our lives, I would not have believed Him. 

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Originally published in April 2016 Issue of "Behind the Fountain" Evans, Georgia