God's Time, Not Mine

I am honored and excited to bring you the story of some very dear friends. John and Tiffany are an absolutely wonderful couple and, now, incredible parents to their littles. Tiffany and I struggled with our journeys of infertility at the same time and then later I was blessed to be able to pray and hope with them through their second round of facing infertility. God has most certainly blessed them, not just with their adorable little boys, but with layers upon layers of a genuine faith that developed while they waited on God's perfect timing. It is my privilege to welcome my dear friend Tiffany to ONSEL today. I pray you are blessed and find hope in your wait as you read her story.

Our story began like so many others; we decided we were ready for a baby. We never expected all that would follow.

I went to my gynecologist and told her we had decided it was time to start a family. She said to stop taking my birth control and give things a couple of months to regulate. Well, after six months of trying I went back to the doctor. She assured me I had nothing to be concerned about, but I was concerned. I knew that my mother had a history of endometriosis and struggled to have children. Because of this family history and my concerns, we began some testing. My husband had to go and do all the "man tests," and we found out all was normal. That was great news! However, when I found out that it was my fault that we couldn't get pregnant, I was devastated. I remember crying and telling my husband that he would never know how I felt. I'm a woman. I'm supposed to be able to have children. That's what God created us to do. At least that was my mindset at the time, and I had been praying for God to let me get pregnant.

After finding out that I didn't ovulate I began taking Clomid. That's a whole other demon in itself! I often say now that it is the best and worst drug all at the same time. We did several rounds and still weren't getting pregnant. I was so upset and didn't understand how this could happen. I had always believed that God grants the desires of our hearts. Having a baby was my greatest desire and He wasn't helping me!

This was the moment that God changed my prayer. I stopped praying for God to send us a child.

Instead, I told God how badly I wanted a baby, and asked Him to send us a child when He felt the time was right. That is the hardest prayer I've ever prayed. I'm a control freak with OCD. It's not easy for me to relinquish control, but I kept praying. For over six more months I prayed.

Almost a year and a half after our journey began, I took my last pregnancy test knowing what the result would be. My doctor had said we were going to have to start looking at different medications, but for the first time I wasn't worried. I just kept praying for God to use His perfect timing and send us a child at that point. To my great surprise, it was time!! I was pregnant!!! My husband and I were completely shocked. We called the doctor and made an appointment for that afternoon. I will never forget my doctor and her nurse running out into the lobby screaming, smiling and hugging us as we all celebrated!

The journey had finally ended in God's perfect time. On April 26, 2012 at 10:47am we welcomed a happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy! We have thanked God for him every day since.

Little did I know, that I would travel further down the same path when we began to try for our second child. This time we knew the issue. We met it head on and didn't waste any time. However, on this go around after almost the same amount of time as before, my doctor said we were done with medication. We would have to take a break for several months and then try artificial insemination. Once again I was heart broken, but not as worried.

This time I had prayed all along for God to send us another child only if He felt it was right. As I took the last pregnancy test we had, I wasn't worried. I knew I wouldn't be crushed if it was negative because I knew God's timing and His plan was bigger than mine. I was completely shocked to see a faint positive! I went to the doctor the next day and they confirmed the pregnancy. However, my progesterone levels were so low that she really didn't know how I was pregnant. I had to immediately began medication to help raise my levels. My family and close friends all began praying. We prayed for God to let me keep this baby, and for the pregnancy to be just as smooth as the first. It was a scary time, but once again I knew that if God had chosen the time for me to become pregnant, He would bless this baby just as He did before.

On December 3, 2014 at 11:57 am we welcomed our second son! God's hand was present in the delivery and in the days that followed.

Through all of this I have learned to trust God's timing. When we feel that He is not hearing us or not working in our time frame, that's when He uses our circumstances to remind us of His sovereignty. He is in control, not us. Only He knows the plan He has laid before us and the time in which it will all unfold. We just have to let go and believe that His timing is perfect, and that all will be revealed at just the right moment!

His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’
— Matthew 25:33

Tiffany is a 33 year old stay at home Mommy to her two precious boys. She coaches varsity girls basketball with her dad and loves going to Alabama football games. In her free time she is enjoys making things for her home and family. And she loves party planning! 

We started this More Than Luck series to share a variety of stories from others who at one time might have viewed themselves as the "unlucky." Like Jenny and myself, they didn't have the seamless transition they once hoped for into parenthood. But hindsight has afforded them the opportunity to see that the luck they once thought they were missing, was really the hand of God intervening in their life so that the timing and method in which their family started would be perfect for them. Instead of luck, we found God's presence in our lives, providing for us, comforting us, changing us, preparing the way for something that would redefine our definition of blessings.