From Pain to Purpose

I originally wrote this post this past November in honor of National Adoption Month for my dear friend Ashley Mitchell over at Big Tough Girl Blog.  As I sat here today thinking about National Infertility Awareness Week kicking off, I felt this post fit in perfectly and wanted to share it from a different angle.  After years of struggling with infertility, I finally am able to say that I'm grateful for it.  Has it been easy, and is it easy now? Absolutely not.  But I was able to choose joy and find purpose from the pain.  You may not be there yet.  You may not be able to see past the failed tests, losses, and constant heartaches.  And that's ok because you are not alone.  I've been exactly where you are.  I know the deep hurt and longing that comes from wanting to become a mother so badly.  I can't sit here and tell you it will be easy or how or when you will become a mother.  But I can tell you it is possible and God will carry you through just as He did me.  And one day my prayer is that for you all, whoever is reading this, that you truly find your purpose from the pain you feel right now.  

Thank you Ashley for sharing Pain to Purpose over at Big Tough Girl.  I pray that it reaches many, encourages many, and reveals God's glory. 

I knew that “whatever my lot” then it should be well with my soul. But it wasn’t. I was angry. And I was broken, which is exactly where God needed me to be. I had done everything my whole life in the right order – graduate high school, college, get married, get a good job, and now it was supposed to be my time to have children. And it was my time. It just wasn’t exactly how I had planned for it to happen.
— Jenny

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Also be sure to visit Resolve: The National Infertility Association as another great resource. 
You are not alone!

(Originally written by Jenny in November 2014 for Big Tough Girl Blog)