For the Love of My Birthmom {Annie's Story}

I don't know about you, but these stories have just been amazing this month and I have several more to share.  It's been such a great example of love and how God is in the details of adoption.  I've cried possibly more than all of the posts I've ever done combined.  I'm so touched and moved.  Today I have the honor of sharing another post written by an adoptive mom for the love of her birthmom.  It's beautiful and another example of us opening up our hearts, letting go of hurt, and allowing God to work in our lives.  I'm thrilled to share these heart felt words by my sweet friend Annie.  She is sharing a little bit about her story and then how she and her birthmother, Mary, found one another and are now both "baby mamas" as they call one another to their son, Makai (who by the way is absolutely adorable).  One again, God has blown me away.  Thank you Annie for sharing your story with us today, and thank you Mary for the amazing example you are and continue to be for so many other young women.  

Four and a half years into our marriage, I was told that I needed an emergency hysterectomy. The endometriosis had taken over my reproductive organs and I was in danger of massive internal bleeding from a large ovarian cyst and tears from endometrial adhesions. Fast forward through the uterus grieving and failed pregnancy mourning and we come to year seven and eight. We fostered-to-adopt two vibrant, wildy free and deeply loving kiddos (at separate times). They renewed our spirits and breathed hope back into our souls. When they left to be adopted by family members, our hearts once again mourned parenthood and the little bodies that once shared our home with us. I started out the momentous year ten of our marriage in a maddening depression. I was furious at God for not engineering my life in the way that I had planned, angry at my body for failing me and just plain mad at being sad all the time. February 14. That is the day that changed our lives and brought our stunningly strong birth mom into our lives. Mary sent me a private message through Facebook saying that she and I shared a mutual friend and upon telling our mutual friend of her pregnancy & adoption plan, our friend gave her my name and how to contact me. My disbelieving eyes were glued to my phone screen for several minutes before I drew up enough courage to respond. After years of infertility, failed adoption attempts and two birth moms choosing to parent--could THIS one be THE one?! It was. 

When Mary contacted us, she was twenty and knew that she wouldn't be able to raise a child on her own. She had seen our pictures with our foster children on Facebook and chosen us based on our love for them. She told me that when she saw the pictures, she knew that we'd be able to love her child unconditionally and that she knew we'd be amazing parents. We talked every day from February 14th through the month of August when she moved from Georgia to Florida to be with us until the birth. She became ingrained in our hearts and our family. She has been trampled on by life but, still she fights to stand. I know no other woman as strong as she and our son is going to grow up knowing that her strength and love for him allowed us to be his parents. There is no greater gift from a woman than to bestow the responsibility of caring and loving her child onto another. Her sacrifice still rocks my heart to its very depths. I love that woman with such an intensity that I know it could only come from God. His "delays" were laying the foundation of her decision to choose us. Without the hysterectomy, we probably wouldn't have fostered and without fostering, Mary wouldn't have witnessed our willingness to love another woman's child. God has been engineering my life with us, Makai and Mary always on His mind. Wow, God. 

What a better way to celebrate love in February than to feature some women we love and admire so much... Birth Moms! We had the privilege of spotlighting some truly amazing women whose stories have truly had an impact on our lives in great ways!