Discovering a Curious Faith

Warning: This book will cause you to shelve all other books until you are finished reading this one cover to cover. It is that good!

A few months back I signed up to be on this book launch team for this amazing lady I know. I want to call her a friend because I just love her so darn much, but honestly I'm probably more accurately a fan and supporter of her. She is, however, a sister in Christ, a fellow blogger, and probably one of the most genuine and passionate people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. I've followed her writing for a couple years now and have heard her speak several times, so when I heard she was writing her first book and looking for people to review it, I eagerly signed up. I figured if nothing else I could help out a friend. I'd give her book a quick read, a few good reviews on a handful of sites and show support for a fellow writer. That has turned out to be a somewhat life changing decision.

You guys, there is no quick reading of this book for me. Within just the first couple of pages I knew this was going to be the diamond hidden in the mine. I'm not one to mark up books as I go, but this one is chocked full of underlined passages, highlighted phrases and turned down pages. It is by far one of the best books I have read in a long time and absolutely full of little nuggets of faith deepening wisdom. No longer do I want to give this a quick read. I want to soak up every enlightening passage.

When things we can’t explain or understand make us feel uncomfortable or hurt, we forget that they can make us curious, too.
— Logan Wolfram | #CuriousFaith

Logan Wolfram, author of Curious Faith, tells her story of rediscovering hope in the God of possibility. She opens up a whole new way of looking at our lives, both the ups and downs, and encouraging us to live a life full of curiosity. A life lived waiting in anticipation to see the glory God is going to reveal around us rather than waiting in expectation that returns only preconceived resentment. You will laugh along with her as she tells some pretty funny stories of lessons learned the hard way (and sometimes written permanently on our bodies in ink), cry as you relate to some of the struggles she and her family have gone through. You will see yourself in her writing and will be invited to step with her into this life of curiosity. She will help you transform your thinking and your faith from managed survival into hope-filled thriving. From cover to cover, she brings a message of healing, hope, redemption and purpose.

Curious Faith will be released March 1, 2016. You can pre-order your copy here. And please do so I don't have to buy a copy for all of you! {And... she's in the process of preparing a video and study guide to accompany her book, so please consider reading this book together with your small group soon!}