Did My Flower Grow Again?

Almost every morning, the day is greeted by a happy and hungry little girl with blond curls bouncing into the kitchen. Her search for food stops only to pet the doggies and look at her flower, the one she planted for me at school. And she asks, "Mommy, did my flower grow again? Look it's about to bloom!" Then we talk about how flowers need water, sunlight and time to grow, and she skips off to start her busy day of playing and learning.

At some point during the day, we will end up playing outside and my little helper will join me to water the herb and vegetable garden. She absolutely loves helping me with this and even has her own little corner of the garden with flowers she picked out herself. As we water, we search for signs of new tomatoes and peppers growing, smell the basil and mint and other herbs, and then look to see if her flowers have changed any since the last time we watered them. To be so young, I'm so enamored by her enthusiasm and pride in gardening. She often reminds me we haven't yet watered our flowers today and when we're done, she will go to her flowers and with such joy will carefully pick flowers to bring inside. We arrange them in the perfect little tiny vase and she announces with a beaming smile, "Here Mommy! These flowers are for you!" (Sometimes Daddy even gets lucky enough to get a bouquet presented to him after a long day at work!)

This little favorite activity of ours is such a neat analogy for what's happening right before my very eyes.  Give a child a secure home, filled with love and encouragement, help them discover all the talents God has given them, and then stand back to watch some of the most bright colors you've ever seen start to unfold.  After the long wait we endured before our little flower was born, I am now beginning to realize just how blessed we are to get to watch her grow.  As I smile and try to take in every moment of her childhood, I have to just think... how much joy and happiness does our Heavenly Father have in watching us grown and bloom when we look to him for the water and nourishment.  May I never take a single second of her life for granted...

See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.
— Song of Songs 2:11-12