Building the Community

Since starting this blog, we have joined several online support groups that help encourage and educate women and couples on infertility issues, fertility treatments and build a community for those in the midst of their journeys to start or expand their families.  It is our dream that those struggling with fertility issues will realize that they are in no way alone in their struggle.  The only way for that to happen though is for others to be brave enough to tell their stories.  We came across one such woman today who has recently put her story out there for others to read.  After a difficult time getting pregnant, she and her husband were blessed with a precious son and they are now starting down the long road of trying again to grow their sweet family.

The Whole Broken Truth - A Look Into My Son's Name and Then Some

A big thank you to Rowena for allowing us to share your story.  May God continue to bless your growing family!  

We would love to tell other stories to further connect those of us who have walked, or are walking, this road.  If you would like to tell us your story, please contact us at!