Building Your Family in the Midst of Grief

As we continue to celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week, we are honored to be able to share some amazing stories with you from our new friends over at It's Inconceivable! Today we bring you Brianna's story.  She and her husband have five beautiful daughters - three here on earth and two in heaven .  Through the grief of having to lay to precious angels in a casket in less than a year's time, she remains firm in her faith and her fight to never give up hope.  As painful as the grief of losing a baby can be, we must never give up hope for God's plan in our lives.  

Hi I’m Brianna. I have been married to my biggest fan for eleven years, and together we have five daughters. I know FIVE GIRLS, three of which we are raising now, and two angels in heaven who were born still. I am doing my best to strike balance between honoring and remembering the babes we lost, and living life to the fullest for our ladies still here. I am excited to help others by offering up my past experiences, present feelings, and future happenings.
— Heather

Please join me as we welcome Brianna to our blog today and encourage her as she continues her journey with infertility. Hop on over to read more Brianna's journey through hope, loss, and faith. Stay tuned as we bring you one more story from Rachel tomorrow on the blog!