Beauty From Ashes

All adoption stories are so beautiful and such a picture to me of how Christ has adopted us all into His family. Today I am honored to share with you our friend, Jenn's story. She and her husband, that she lovingly refers to as The Engineer in her blog Wanting What I Have, are currently in China awaiting their travels home with the 5th member of their family - a handsome little boy. You will fall in love when you see him! 

Jenn and I were acquaintances when we both lived in the same town a few years ago.  In my previous life as an engineer, I was actually cube mates with her husband.  They moved to the city we now live in (Augusta, GA) just a couple of years ahead of us.  We have now reconnected via mutual friends, our husbands' work place, blogging, and Instagram.  I'm proud to have Jenn as a friend and sister in Christ.

I usually share from the domestic adoption perspective so I am so excited to share about international adoption today.  Jenn's words below bring such beauty to the picture of international adoption.  

I stood in that vast space - it’s gorgeous! I breathed deep, trying to stop the tears that threatened to spill over. I looked around and the lobby was filled with people from ALL OVER THE WORLD and I wondered if that wasn’t a tiny taste of the makeup of heaven. People from every tribe and tongue. Other families gathered. You could spot them coming…each had arms laden with gift bags and a look of nervous excitement and anticipation.
— Jenn, Wanting What I Have

Please join me in welcoming Jenn to our blog today and be sure to jump over to her space in the world and read the rest of her post Beauty from Ashes about the day they met their little boy for the first time.